Alterra, Wageningen UR

Alterra is the top knowledge institute in the Netherlands for the green environment. Together with Wageningen University, Alterra forms part of Wageningen University and Research Centre. The institute provides expertise in the field of green space and the sustainable social usage of this space. This expertise covers: knowledge of water and climate, soil, environment, nature and biodiversity, forests and landscapes, sustainable use of space, geoinformatics and remote sensing.

Alterra and RichWaterWorld
The RichWaterWorld project is researching how it is possible to temporarily store water during flood peaks within Park Lingezegen while retaining excess water from rainfall and conducting natural water purification. The objective is to combine solutions for these regional water-related tasks as best as possible with regional tasks for sustainable energy, nature and recreation. This integrated approach is a priority area in the research being conducted at Alterra. Alterra is also an active partner in the Dutch Delta Programme. It offers creative solutions which not only respond to water-related tasks in terms of security and fresh water, but also exploit opportunities for nature and sustainable economics. The RichWaterWorld project provides us with the opportunity to map out the effectiveness and feasibility of solutions on a regional scale by using models and field experiments. Dealing with uncertainties in the short term (weather forecasts) and the long term (climate change) is typical of our research.

Alterra is contributing to: