For more than 25 years, MeteoGroup has been developing applications of meteorological information and customised products for their clients. This can involve applying previous weather statistics, customised weather forecasts or conducting research into the consequences of climate change. We work with all market segments, with the water management sector growing in importance. 

MeteoGroup and RichWaterWorld
Good water management, both in terms of quantity and quality, requires the ability to look ahead and deal with scenarios. It is still not possible to provide exact weather forecasts, which means that the predicted quantity, time and duration of rainfall must be calculated in terms of probability. The management systems must be able to cope with this. In the RichWaterWorld project, we see this problem reoccur both in the short term (temporary water storage) and on the longer term (retention of area-specific purified water in order to meet supply needs during a dry period). It is essential that different disciplines collaborate with each other in order to produce a usable and exportable end product.

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