Park Lingezegen

Park Lingezegen consists of five areas, of which Waterrijk is the lowest-lying and the largest. The park aims to offer opportunity for recreation, provide healthy future perspectives for agriculture and meet objectives in the field of nature and water. Part of this task is to guarantee the region's resilience to climate change by constructing a water storage location. 80% of the work will have been completed in 2016. The park also contributes to the prosperity of the people and businesses in the area. Alongside formulating water and nature-related objectives, RichWaterWorld also aims to create objectives related to a sustainable energy supply in the park and the neighbouring greenhouse horticulture complex Park Bergerden. A water storage area and a large reed bed, which serves to retain water, are being built in the Waterrijk area within Park Lingezegen. The call for tender has been completed and the project is to be implemented over the coming years. RichWaterWorld is helping to carry out the project by developing innovations in the hydrology of the water system, promoting dynamic water level management in the area and purifying the retained water.

Park Lingezegen is contributing to: